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New Years Revolutions – Feminist Parenting in 2010

January 14, 2010 1 comment

Well, after a short hiatus over the holidays, I have surfaced this side of 2010. I have some new posts in the works (even if they are just bubbling up in the back of my mind) and hope to be posting again before the end of January. I have quickly learned that parenthood in the, first year at least, is a series of adjustments and readjustments. As soon as you are used to one thing, something new pops up! For example: As soon as I to used to our night time feeding schedule, Kenisha grew 3 inches, gained 4 pounds & started eating solids. So please bear with me as I’m continuously adjusting. Forgive me if there is a gap in posting followed by several in succession. I write when I can and try to post as soon as something is complete.

Things are going to be changing drastically this year. I feel as though this will be on a very large scale given the recession and a serious level of discontent in our nation. However, I am mostly speaking about myself, my feminism and my family. I will quite soon be moving yet again and hopefully to more affordable housing. My long pending divorce will be finally coming to a close making an opportunity for my current partner and I to better arrange our current financial situation and give us some security. I hate that civil marriage is the only means of obtaining this and that non-married committed partners are not allowed the same security & benefits.

Another mini-revolution in myself is my registration for the Law School Admissions Test. I am studying as frequently as I can with a 5 month old in tow (and as you may have guessed this is also keeping me from blogging more often).

Well, this is just a quick update. No worries to my few but faithful readers, I will getting back into the meat of my dialog soon.

An “Other” Mother

PS: I didn’t want to post this as an after thought but in my haste to get my little one up from a nap that has gone on too long I forgot to mention the passing of Mary Daly. Feminism lost one of its great theologians this year. Although, her feminist theology lacked the necessary intersectionality lens, she was nonetheless a great asset to the Women’s Movement. She will be missed & we will continue her work. –AOM

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