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Our Last Breastfeeding Session

It was short and bittersweet. I didn’t expect to feel such sadness at our last feeding session. I thought I’d be relieved and glad to have my body back so this wasn’t really what I was expecting this morning. I actually sat up and cradled her in my arms like I did the day she was born instead of my usual half-sleep-lying-in bed-trying-to-get-the-most-of-my-last-15-minutes-in-bed-routine. I was near tears and tried to look into her eyes and talk to her while she was nursing this morning.

Of course, while I’m trying to be all sentimental and gushing over how big my baby girl has gotten she is pushing my face away from hers because she HATES when I watch her nurse. I had to turn on the weather so that I had a distraction from replaying the first time we had done this moments after she emerged from my body all purple and screaming.

I didn’t rush her off this time. I’m usually jumping up to get ready from work and have to fight with her to end the session. But TODAY, she pulled away on her own and then tried to run off the end of the bed as if there was some invisible surface level with the bed that only she could see. As I dove to save her from a fall, I realized I didn’t have time to think about the stage we are leaving behind because the one in front of us is gonna be a doozy.

My baby is growing up so fast! It’s her last day as an 11 month old and I’m one sad mama that the sun is setting on  her infancy. As it rises on her toddler hood, I have to wonder, exactly how much more exhausting is this gonna get?

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